Restyle your walls with CLIPSO® Deco®!

CLIPSO® Design® further dedicates itself to the interior design category with its new range of wall coverings: CLIPSO Déco®.

A fashionable, new collection for your customers!

As an alternative to cumbersome, traditional wallpaper, CLIPSO Deco combines seamless repeating patterns with the perfect finish and easy installation of CLIPSO fabric. Traditional wallpaper can leave you with confusing splices and unattractive peeling. With stretch fabric you can be sure that the installation will be easy, uniform, quick and clean, with no splicing, peeling or messy glue. Embellishing a wall with a wallpaper pattern has never been so easy.

Interior designers, architects and installers… Imagine the possibilities when making over your space with CLIPSO Deco!

CLIPSO Deco Autumn 2017 Collection CLIPSO Deco Summer 2017 Collection CLIPSO Deco Spring 2017 Collection

CLIPSO Deco Winter 2016 Collection CLIPSO Deco Summer 2016 Collection