Create the printed stretch ceiling covering of your dreams!

When choosing the best materials for designing a space, some questions that arise may be: How will I maintain and protect my coverings from dirt and normal wear and tear? How will this material stand the test of time? How can I keep the style fresh and updated? The answers to all these questions lie with CLIPSO® stretch coverings. CLIPSO coverings are dirt and water resistant, carry a 10-year manufacturer's warranty, and by custom printing your CLIPSO coverings, you can update your look as often as you like.

Creating a print stretch ceiling covering

It all starts with choosing an image. You can choose from our collections of images built in partnership with many artists and museums or you may also choose from stock image galleries such as Shutterstock. You can also choose to submit your own photo, artwork, logo or design. All images must be at a 1:1 ratio for upscaling and a minimum of 150 DPI at full size. If the image meets these criteria, upon client request, a 24” x 24” strike off can be available for shipping in about 5-7 business days. After final approval of the strike off by the client, a final print can typically be available to ship in 7-10 business days.

Throughout the process of creating your project, a CLIPSO Project Manager and member of the CLIPSO Design® Team will be at your disposal. If you need help in achieving the image criteria, our graphic artists can assist with image formatting, color modifications, adding resolution, dimensional modifications or digitization for a nominal fee. These services may also incur an additional lead-time.

Example of print stretch ceiling covering

Multiple application options exist with stretch fabric coverings. For example, you can choose a stretch ceiling covering or a framed print using stretch fabric. To help you visualize some of the available options, click here for an image gallery.

A ceiling before installation a CLIPSO stretch ceiling fabric covering
Your original ceiling
+ The chosen image for your stretch ceiling fabric covering
Your selected image
= Your room after installation of the CLIPSO stretch ceiling
Your final printed stretch ceiling