With CLIPSO® Design®, you can transform your ceilings and walls into works of art!

CLIPSO® has long-standing partnerships with many well-known artists (photographers, graphic designers, painters, etc.), thus giving you access to hundreds of images to choose from for customizing your stretch ceilings and walls.

These masterpieces are available to you for customizing your home! A famous painting from a world-class painter in your living room makes a lasting impression, whereas a custom designed pattern will relax the atmosphere in your bedroom.

Our stretch ceilings and walls are designed to support large-scale printing. The CLIPSO Design® Team is ready to assist in all aspects of your project.

CLIPSO Design can print virtually any image, whether it is from our online Design Collection, a stock image, a museum masterpiece, or it is something you’ve created with a camera or a paintbrush.

All CLIPSO Design collections can be seen at www.clipsodesign.us. All French Union of National Museums images can be found at www.photo.rmn.fr.

With imagination, there is no limit!

Grand Palais La Joconde portrait de Mona Lisa 11 564761Great artists
Bamboo Leaves 1Annaïck Guitenny
Place-Fleur-DailBaleine Rouge
Ailes-De-LibelluleCatherine Gestin
BubblesGérald Thierry
2413Katharina Etter
Facade-Miniluc borell
IrisMuriel Despiau
Crepuscule-01Pauline Cottereau
Detroit-de-Torres-Australie-01-08-1993Planet Observer
Chott-El-Djerid-Tozeur-041Renaud Van Der Meeren
VegetationSvetlana Kuliskova
Bali-3Tarun Mathur
EmmaTéo Jasmin
07AValérie Ghévart
Accastillage-01Vincent Rustuel