A stretch fabric covering, the trendy solution for interior design!

Custom printing service on stretch fabric

From ceiling to wall, printed stretch fabrics will cover your house. They will give you a new look to your interior

Let art be part of your interior with CLIPSO

A printed stretch ceiling for your interior

Our team’s know-how is at your service. All your interior ideas are now made possible!

Transform your plain ceilings and walls into pieces of art

A printed stretch wall for renovation and interior design projects

Our many partnerships with artists and museums enable you to choose the image of your choice to be printed on your stretch ceiling or wall

Hundreds of designs to choose from our collection

Order a printed stretch ceiling for your project

You can choose your favorite image among masterpieces from a dozen world-renowned artists.

They trusted us with their projects

CLIPSO stretch walls all over the world

We work everyday with end customers and professionals who take their projects to heart.

Request a quote online

Clipso as stretch wall or ceiling will adapt to all your needs

You can submit an online quote request here.

Our know-how in large scale printing on stretch fabric coverings

Clipso as stretch wall or ceiling will adapt to all your needs

We offer a custom printing service to enable you to print the images you like on stretch ceiling and stretch wall

CLIPSO Design, your preferred partner in your printing projects on stretch fabric coverings.

CLIPSO Design specializes in custom printing on stretch fabrics. CLIPSO Design enables you to have all the photos you love on your ceilings and walls.

This service offers a simulation of the image in your interior as well as the custom graphic design work needed, including color and image editing to adapt it to the covered area.

Printing on stretch ceilings and stretch walls is accessible to everyone: craftsmen, artists, architects, interior designers, indiciduals. These stretch fabric coverings have many applications such as tradeshow booths, POS, stand alone shapes or as decoration accessories (e.g. a hanging picture frames, light boxes partitions, screens, etc.)



CLIPSO Design constantly renews its image collections to offer you a wide range to choose from to create unique interiors



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